Pearltec your competence partner in the graphic arts industry

The company Pearltec is specialized in research, development and distribution of ecologically high-class and especially economical products for the graphic arts industry

Using energy reducing materials for printing processes is top priority of Pearltec’s research and product development. New production technologies in the manufacturing process ensures Pearltec its quality advantage.

The future-oriented product range of Pearltec includes dispersion-, oil-based and UV-varnish. The cooperation with comprehensive technologies of the manufacturers of printing inks, printing supports and printing machines ensures the innovation advantage of Pearltec.

With the combination of guidance and development and with the collaboration of our users, Pearltec develops economically efficient system solutions for demanding customers.

A specialty of Pearltec is the super high gloss water-based varnish DSH 90 with matching materials and minimum varnish of 8 g/m² wet, UV-gloss similar values are achieved. The newly developed protective coating Invisible for uncoated material do not change the look and feel but ensure a fast and trouble-free processing with high abrasion protection.

Another new development of Pearltec is the high rub resistance and water-repellen water-based varnish Caron, a sample to be used for detergent packaging. Pearltec is a major producer of cigarettes and migrations harmless food coatings SQTS certified in Switzerland.

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